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Elevate Your Financial Planning

It's not just about the numbers, we know what your money needs. 

About Us


At Seaside Wealth Advisors, we observed a revolving door of advisors and clients transitioning between firms, often spurred by stale relationships, a lapse in innovation, or inadequate engagement. This led to the birth of our firm, with a vision to craft a lasting home for both advisors and clients who align with our core principles.

We wholeheartedly believe that financial planning is not a one-size-fits-all thing. Our approach is all about crafting tailored savings and investment strategies that work with your individual financial narrative. We also get that discussing insurance, investments, or the stock market may not be everyone's cup of tea. Perhaps you're keen on discussing your business, a potential investment opportunity, or debating whether to buy or lease a vehicle. Being a fee-only firm allows us to steer our conversations around your goals, rather than focusing on product sales.

If you're looking for a trustworthy ally in the finance world, someone to help demystify your current financial standing against your aspirations, it's time to connect with us. With Seaside Wealth Advisors, you're one call away from embarking on a journey towards clear, personalized financial guidance and establishing a long-term partnership rooted in trust and understanding.


Flat Fee
Financial Plan

We understand you may have an advisor who's great! Often times a second opinion or having a plan developed for an investment-only advisor to follow is a great idea. We'll develop a plan for you to keep and we'll update it on a regular basis. 

Investment Management

We are well equipped with tech and strategies to help make your portfolio align as best as possible with your goals. No advisor has a magic bullet to guarantee returns, but we can absolutely tailor investment selections, which historically have shown to meet goals you presently have.

Insurance Planning

Insurance is probably not anyone's favorite topic, but that's likely due to not fully understanding how to make it work for you within your plan. We buy insurance on so many things in our life and there are appropriate situations where it needs to be considered as a protective measure for ourselves and family members.

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